Word Works

Word Works

The Word is the lifeblood of the church. Without it, we cease to be under Christ's rule. Distorted, we become something other than Christ's church. We share with you the knowledge that God’s Word repays careful study and demands faithful interpretation.

Work Words

In this spirit, Word Works is 2 days designed to help Christians to learn to read the Bible better. We encourage you to make the effort to be equipped for reading the Bible faithfully, in order to minister to the saints and to the growth of God’s people (Eph 4:11-12).

Over the event's 2 days, therefore, the aim is to so equip participants with the understanding of the basic framework of structure, themes, context, flow, major arguments, critical issues and theological application that, with time and further study, the student may return to their churches ready to interpret and apply the Bible for the good of all God's people.

Each year's selection of books reflects this commitment to God's unity and diversity in Scripture. We cover one book from each Testament annually and usually we aim to give exposure to the biblical genre by selecting a book that does this e.g. Genesis and Deuteronomy for the Pentateuch.

Work Words

The lecturer for each book will design the 2 days to maximise the learning but we usually adopt the approach of lectures and group work accompanied by tutorials and sermons to best expose the book and to do justice as far as possible to the book over the limited time. There is also an option of learning some sermon or Bible study preparation for each particular book.

It is our prayer and hope that through this conference you will be encouraged to learn more about God and to read the Bible correctly and faithfully. May we be equipped to do good works through a better understanding of God through his Word.

Word Works is great for...

  • Learning how to read the Bible
  • Preparing to lead Bible studies
  • Reading through the Bible on your own
  • Getting small group leaders and members ready for a series on a book of the Bible
  • Preparing for biblical studies in seminary

Experiencing Word Works

Ka Hui shares his experience of Word Works.